Zococity SL Calle Santos Justo y Pastor 164 46022 - Valencia 29211389D Zococity began in 2009 with the ambition of young people who were looking for alternatives to traditional commerce. Online shopping is in continious expansion and we want to be part of it offering good prices and brands that are hardly available in Europe. ¿Why shop online? Comfort: No queues and you´re able to buy any time and anywhere. Freedom: Shopping process is easy and you can place your order choosing from many payments methods. Quickness: You can check the product details immediately and buy it in a few minutes. ¿What makes Zococity different that other stores? Our main goal is to work with honesty and truthfulness. We also work with forums to study which are the needs of people when buying online. Another point is that we take every suggestion seriously, therefore we encourage you to inform us of any advice that you think could help us improving our work or website. Besides, we too specialize in having brands that are hardly available in any other store or they are at a highly expensive price. ¿Why is Zococity so cheap? Online stores save on rent, furniture, lightning and more. We pass all this savings to our customer, being able to decrease our final prices. In addition, we look out to manage few brands to obtain better cost prices from the manufactures and there upon we can guarantee the most competitive prices in brands such as Cowon, Soundmagic, JXD, Fiio, SanDisk In conclusion, exclusive brands, unbeatable prices and moral values will be the foundations of our business philosophy. The Zococity Team.